Here is where I woo you with wit, or sway you with sass. The part where I tell you the depth of my copy infatuation; I'd be a polygamist if I could put a ring on it. A safe space where it's okay to declare that I'm a book inhaler, a midnight slayer, and a team fucking player – at some point I'm going to dropkick the mic, of course. But you're lucky. It's one of those insignificant days of the week, which means I'm in the mood to share a cute but disturbing simile: choosing a favourite language is like choosing a favourite aorta. Maybe I'd even tell you that I'm a wallflower with a voice or that I believe heaven holds a special place for grammar Nazis, dentists, and plumbers – it's a kak job and they’re a cocky bunch because they know we need them. Would you believe me if I told you I wrote six variations of this paragraph? Why? Because my mind is constantly in thought and I like to think. I think a lot. I think all the time (at this moment I'm thinking that you'll be thinking that I think too much). I think just for fun*.


Alternatively, this is the part where I give it to you unsalted:  I'm a tireless seeker of knowledge, an occasional purveyor of wisdom, and a closet introvert. I run on coffee, cuss words, and cake.


* It should be noted that my hobbies include exaggerating.


bragging rights

Winner of Woolworth's Bright Ideas 2016

Vega School Branding's Fresh Cream Award 2014 & 2016

Adobe Design Achievement Awards Finalist 2016  

Pendoring Finalist 2016