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Faces Of Frutiger  \\  Print Publication

Faces Of Frutiger \\ Print Publication

Faces Of Frutiger is a print publication that pays homage to the oeuvre of Adrian Frutiger, a pioneering typeface designer of the 20th and 21st Centuries.

There are hundreds of definitive print publications on Frutiger’s type design. The content of these books is as intricate as it is vast: the typefaces are intensively scrutinised to appeal to highly experienced typographers and graphic designers. The art of typography, however, is not always the easiest thing to understand; it has a language of its own.

We created a trio of booklets that interprets Frutiger’s multifaceted design ethos in layman’s terms with the aim of fostering interest in type design among budding designers.

Faces Of Frutiger accentuates the simplicity of his typefaces by explaining the complexity of his work via the means of a visual and verbal meta-narrative.




Huh?  \\  A Book Of New Words

Huh? \\ A Book Of New Words

Kont[eks] \\ Print Publication

Kont[eks] \\ Print Publication