My name is Bianka. I am a writer of copy and a purveyor of wisdom. I run on coffee, cuss words, and chocolate. 

Huh?  \\  A Book Of New Words

Huh? \\ A Book Of New Words

My love for language, especially my mother tongue, inspired the creation of HUH?. It’s a booklet that holds ten Afrikaans neologistic portmanteaus: literary devices in which two or more words are joined together to coin a new word.  

To accentuate the fluidity of the world’s youngest language, this booklet is designed in the form of an accordion in which an illustration and unique definition accompany each word. The hand rendered contents depict the synergy between the visual language and verbal language.

Woolworths \\  Recycling Concept

Woolworths \\ Recycling Concept

Faces Of Frutiger  \\  Print Publication

Faces Of Frutiger \\ Print Publication